TSK Steriglide Cannula 25g x 50mm (20pcs)


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TSK Steriglide Cannula 25g x 50mm (20pcs). 

The revolutionary design of the STERiGLIDE™ cannula provides up to 50% better gliding. The cannula penetration path can be better controlled, and the filler can be placed more precisely.

The patented dome shaped tip of the STERiGLIDE™ creates less resistance than a traditional cannula tip. This reduces the cannula introduction force needed and the risk of bruising. Practitioners can see and feel the end of the cannula tip. Delivery of filler near the end of the tip creates a more accurate sense of filler placement. It also reduces product loss in the tip ending.

STERiGLIDE™ cannulas are made of the highest quality steel with a proprietary surface treatment. This reduces friction with skin tissue and patient discomfort, and improves the cannula handling.

The hard polymer hub of the STERiGLIDE™ cannula has a clear side-port marking. The marking indicates the position of the needle opening and acts as a visual aid for more accurate filler delivery.

– 50% better gliding
– Reduced risk of bruising
– Easier cannula introduction
– Reduced patient discomfort


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