Regenovue Fine Plus 1 x 1.1ml


Regenovue Fine is a great solution to treat perioral lines around the lips, fine lines, and is commonly used for ‘Russian Lips’. 100% Cross Linked!

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Regenovue Fine Plus 1 x 1.1ml. 

Regenovue Fine Plus with Lidocaine was developed by NeoGenesis through a new-generation production technology that has given this innovative product high viscosity, a stable cross-linked, monophasic structure and 100% biocompatible HA. This Dermal Filler can correct fine lines and wrinkles to create rejuvenated and youthful-looking skin.

Regenovue Fine is a great solution to combat perioral lines around the lips along with periorbital lines (otherwise known as crows feet). 

Also commonly used for “Russian Lips”.

As a result, this superb soft-tissue filler is:

  • Longer-lasting (8-12 months)
  • Completely dissolvable and fully absorbed by the skin
  • Safe with zero risky side effects
  • Easy to use and to inject
  • Capable of delivering instant results

This new generation of cosmetic rejuvenation is highly purified, which makes it extremely safe to use and its advanced formula ensures that its effects work their magic for over a long period. All Regenovue dermal fillers are 100% crosslinked and have a highly consistent Monophasic Structure.

What’s in the box?

1 syringe × 1.1 ml

2 x 30G needles


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